Why are bikes so expensive? (Explained!)

Bicycles are a great mode of transportation and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people use them to commute, some use them to get some exercise, and others still use them for recreation.

However, the prices of bikes vary greatly depending on many factors, such as the type of bike they are, the materials they’re made from, the quality and features.

How much do bikes costs on average?

A bike is an investment. The exact amount of money you will spend on a bike depends on the type of bike you buy, the quality of the bike and the materials used to make it. Here is an average price you can work with:

  • The average cost of a road bike is $350-$700. Road bikes are made for speed and travel on paved roads. They are lightweight and have narrow wheels with a high spoke count, making them less suitable for carrying heavy loads.
  • The average cost of a mountain bike is $500-$950. Mountain bikes are made for off-road cycling and have features such as wide knobby tires, suspension forks and disc brakes for more control when traveling over rocks, roots and ruts.
  • The average cost of Kids bike prices vary based on size, type and features, but on average, you can expect to pay Kids’ bike $140-200 (3-8) yrs. Regardless of the type of bike you choose, always inspect the tires for wear and tear and replace them when needed.

Why are bikes so expensive?

There are many reasons why bikes are so expensive. Bicycle frames are relatively expensive to manufacture, and the price is largely dependent on the material used to make them. Steel frames are cheap but very heavy.

Aluminum frames are fairly light and stronger, but they cost more money to produce than steel. Carbon fiber frames are very strong and light, but you guessed it—they’re also expensive.

The tires on bicycles can be expensive as well, with prices varying based on the type of tire and its purpose. If you’re looking for a tire that can handle off-roading or obstacles like rocks and roots, those will cost more than tires designed for riding on asphalt or concrete roads.

Are expensive bikes worth it?

Maybe you’re just getting into cycling as a hobby or sport and are looking for your first bike. Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while and are looking to upgrade your old ride. It depends on what you’re looking for.

“You probably want to ask yourself what the purpose of the bike is.” If the bike will be used for moving around town, an expensive road bike may not be worth it, whereas an expensive mountain bike may be ideal for a trail rider who’s going to put in lots of miles on very technical terrain.

Which type of bikes are cheaper?

If you’re looking for a cheap bike, then you’re probably better off buying a road bike. The reason for this is that mountain bikes are more expensive to manufacture. Mountain bikes are also more expensive because they have better technology than road bikes. This includes full-suspension cross country, full-suspension trail, and full-suspension endure.

Why are road bikes more expensive than mountain?

Road bikes are much more expensive than mountain bikes because they are made to do exactly what they are named after, “road riding”.

Mountain bikes are made to ride off road and can do so on the road, but not as well as a road bike. Road bikes are designed to handle the stresses of riding on roads. Roads are generally smooth and flat, but still have potholes, cracks, bumps and uneven surfaces. The tires for a road bike will be thin and hard to handle the rigors of asphalt.

They also have a high pressure in them since you don’t need as much traction for most roads as you do for off-road trails. Mountain bikes are designed to handle the stresses of being off-road. Mountains can have steep climbs, rocky trails, and sharp turns.

Tires on a mountain bike need to be knobby (a term referring to the small bumps of rubber that help grip) and wider than those on a road bike so that they may better grip dirt, sand, rocks, and anything else in their path.


The price you pay for a bike is heavily influenced by the frame materials, but there are other big factors that get less attention. Often, brand recognition plays a big part in your purchase because you feel like what’s in front of you is going to be the best