What Kind of Paint to use on a Bike?

Your bike urgently needs paint. This could be because the paint looks old or it has started to chip. A fresh paint coat is what can give your bike a transformation and make it look new again.

You are lucky because there are a number of paint options available in the market and you get to choose from a wide variety of paints.

The question now is how to choose the best spray for your bike that will offer you amazing results?

Here are a few features that you should look for in the paint that you select to paint your bike with.

  • The paint should be ideal for bikes
  • It should be possible to clean the dirt on the bike without water
  • The paint should be weather and corrosion resistant
  • For a protective and durable coating an oil based formula works the best
  • The paint should dry quickly
  • It should be resistant to fading and chipping
  • The paint should be resistant to abrasion
  • The finish should be brilliant and shiny
  • Paint should be suitable to use on different materials
  • The paint colour should be legal in your state

What should you look for before you buy paint?

Choosing the best paint for your bike is important because you want to do the task and then not bother about painting your bike again for years to come. It is thus important that you take time to choose the best paint for your bike.

Below is a list of a few factors that you should consider when choosing the right paint for your bike. The paint should meet the needs of the bike and should also live up to your expectations.

Durability and quality

You should ensure to check the quality of the paint that you wish to buy for your bike. It should be durable as well as resilient so that it stays in place once applied on the bike. The paint should be corrosion resistant. You can check the same by reading the user reviews to understand whether the paint you wish to buy chips and fades with time.


The paint colour is also something that should be considered carefully. You must be clear on how you wish your bike to look. So make sure that you purchase the corresponding colour of the paint. You may also consider purchasing the colour shift paint that changes colour depending on the light source. The colour that you choose should match your personal preference.


Avoid buying the bike paint from any generic brand. This will disappoint you for sure. It could happen that the paints from the local brand fail to give optimal result to you.

It is best to stick to branded products only. Some paint varieties do not require you to clear the coat from your bike before you apply the new paint. If you chance upon such paint then it is a recommended purchase. This will save you time and you will also get a clear coat.

The Painting Process

vintage floral bike - artistic pictureOnce you have removed the old paint coat, stickers and the bike frame has been sand down, you will have to choose the paint that will make your bike to shine. The spray paint that you get at the hardware store may fail to show results. You will have to choose the right primer, paint, and finish that will help to optimize your job.


You will need two thin primer coats, which will let you attain the best results. When you choose the primer colour, make sure that you have the final colour of the bike in mind. The primer should also be able to inhibit rust, which will help to protect your bike. Zinc chromate is preferred if your metal frame is rusty. If the frame is made of aluminium, then you will need a special primer that will help to refurbish the aluminium frame.


You will need at the max a half pint of coat that will let you cover the bike frame. Spray paint is preferred over the brush paint because the former offers an even finish. Make sure to choose the paint from a quality brand. This is because the generic paints may not spray evenly and this will not provide the optimal results.

Apply three coats of paint in short bursts and make sure that the paint dries between the coats. The areas should be well ventilated. Also, ensure that you wear goggles, a mask and gloves that will filter out the fumes from the paint.

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The paint should be left for several hours or a full day before you apply a layer of clear coat. It is ideal to apply three coats of clear coat. Let each coat to dry before you apply the next coat. After the second coat, let the bike dry for a full day and then apply the last layer.

Points to consider

If the paint option available in the spray paint does not impress you then you can pick the spray gun that you easily get in any hardware store. All kinds of paints can be used with a spray gun.

The spray paint offers a better and even finishing and the results look professional. When you choose to brush on the paint then this leaves drips and brush strokes that are visible.

When you think about the color that you wish to paint your bike with or the finish of the bike, make sure that you plan it with a long term perspective. The scratch free and glossy bikes do look good but not for those who keep thrashing on a regular basis. If you, however, are one of those, who falls rarely then a little bit of flash is fine for your bike.

Some of you may even want to know whether the anodized finish is better and tougher than the powder coat. The answer to this is that for bikes this may not necessarily be the case. Anodized can be durable than a surface that is painted but there is a range of anodized treatments and so you need to understand that each treatment will offer different results.

In conclusion, if there is a fall or a collision that scratches the frame that is powder coated then it will do the same to the frames that are anodized as well.