Trek Marlin 6 Vs 7: Which Mountain Bike Is the Best?

Mountain biking is gaining acceptance over time. But getting into the trails without an appropriate mountain bike can be overwhelming. The Trek Marlin brand is worth considering since it can handle high-speed and challenging terrains. So, what is the main difference between trek marlin 6 and 7?

Trek Marlin 6 is ideal for mountain bike beginners, whereas Trek Marlin 7 is suitable for novice racers. Besides that, trek 7 has more superior features than trek 6.

Keep reading to learn more about other hidden differences between these two wonderful mountain bikes. We are confident that the information will help you make an informed decision before buying.

Differences between Trek Marlin 6 and 7 Mountain Bikes

Frame Design

Marlin 6 frame has either silver or orange colors. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum material that is a good feature for beginners. It also comes in seven different sizes that can fit anyone with ease.

Marlin 7 frame has a lightweight and aerodynamic design. It helps to bring an incredible riding balance and tolerate aggressive rider stance.

The frame design makes the mountain bike ideal for casual riding, competition races, and trail rides. Trek Marlin 7 is the winner under this category since its aerodynamic frame matches high-end mountain bikes.

The design helps the riders perfect their riding skills on the trails without using more effort.

Suspension System

Marlin 7 has a hydraulic boost system that comes with a spring coil system.  It helps to absorb front shocks from the road impacts without losing handling control. The rider can turn off the suspension system when not in use to save on wear and tear.

Marlin 6 has both rear and front suspension systems to increase control and comfort. These components are adjustable due to shock sensitivity.

The rider will never struggle while biking on the roughest section of the trails. Trek Marlin 6 is the winner under this category since the forks can absorb both rear and front shocks from the impacts. It also allows the rider to adjust the shock sensitivity depending on the riding terrain.

Wheel Sizes

Marlin 7 mountain bikes have a standard setup that is compatible with 27.5-inch or 29-inch by 2.20 wheels. The size range makes it ideal for using different tire setups. It also allows the rider to upgrade the mountain bike for better performance on the trails.

Marlin 6 is compatible with 29-inch and 27-inch wheels depending on the bike size to enhance smooth rides on rough terrains and challenging trails.

But the wheel weight tends to inhibit speed on any terrain. The Trek Marlin 7 wheels allow the owner to upgrade to a tubeless option. The upgrade foster better performances on different trails making the Trek Marlin option the winner under this category. The Marlin 6’s heavyweight wheels make it challenging for riders to pick up speed.


Marlin 6 brakes usually vary depending on the mountain bike size. The hydraulic disc brakes offer incredible traction to protect the rider from sliding on trails. It makes navigation in different terrains look easy.

Marlin 7 mountain bikes have a hydraulic braking system. These brakes are quick and responsive to protect the rider from falling. These brakes are suitable for riding in technical trails and slippery roads.

Trek Marlin 7 braking system is the winner. The responsiveness inhibits instability or shuddering while trying to bring the mountain bike to a halt. Regular maintenance makes the brakes last longer and offers better performance.


Marlin 6 has both rear and front derailleur to allow easy gear shifting.  It also gives the rider more gear options to choose from with a slight increment between each. But the drivetrain requires more maintenance to exploit its full potential.

Marlin 7 has 18 gears with an indicator displaying the current gear being used to allows the user to understand the full range of the gears. The quick-shifting enables the rider to experience high-performance on technical terrains.

Trek Marlin 7  drivetrain requires minimal maintenance costs. Besides that, the design offers quick shifting between gears and enhances durability. These superior features make marlin 7 the winner under this category.


Marlin 6 wheels are a little unresponsive or stiff when riding on any terrain. It makes the rider uses more effort to pedal on challenging trails. Marlin 7 wheels are more responsive to make the rider experience maximum comfort regardless of the terrain.

The rider also uses less energy and effort to pedal it. Trek Marlin 7 is the winner due to its incredible performance. It is an excellent entry-level bike for newbies joining the mountain biking community.

Weight and Cost

Marlin 6 weighs about 15kgs (32 pounds), inclusive of the tubes. The maximum weight inclusive of the rider is about 136kgs (300pounds). Marlin 6 is relatively affordable for those individuals with a limited budget.

Marlin 7 weighs about 13kgs (30pounds), inclusive of the tubes. The lightweight design makes the bike ideal for novice riders. But the mountain bike is more expensive when compared to Marlin 6.

Trek Marlin 7 is the perfect choice for those learning to ride. Thanks to the lightweight design that gives the rider ultimate control over the bicycle on the trails. These features make the option winner under the category.

Pros and Cons (Trek Marlin 6 Vs 7)

Trek Marlin 6 and 7 have several advantages and disadvantages. It is worth learning the pros and cons of each model before investing in them.

Pros of Trek Marlin 6

  • Affordable
  • Ideal for commuting
  • High-quality braking system
  • Easy to upgrade and customize

Cons of Trek Marlin 6

  • Unsuitable for trail riding
  • Have stiff or unresponsive wheels

Pros of Trek Marlin 7

  •  Easy to operate
  • Less vulnerable to dirt and mud
  • Super responsive smart wheels
  • Have an unbeatable braking system Cons of Trek Marlin 7
  • Too expensive
  • Lack lockouts on handlebars

Final Thoughts

Marlin 6 mountain bike is ideal for casual riding, racing, and off-road activities. Besides that, the design and style guarantee maximum comfort on any terrain. Marlin 7 mountain bike is designed for off-road activities only.

The upgraded features make this dirt road machine more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are looking for a mountain bike to commute to school or work with a little bit of riding on the trails, consider Marlin 6. It is more versatile and affordable.