What is a Hybrid Bike?

There is no doubt that bikes today have evolved. Gone are the days when bicycles were the usual two-wheeled simple mode of transportation. Today, modern generation bikes tend to be more specialized. There are those that are specially made for the road while others are made in such a way that they can be used for touring purposes. For the more adventurous ones, mountain bikes give them the adrenaline rush they always seek. Indeed, bicycles have gone a long way now.

The rise of the hybrid bikes

For some who are not yet aware, there are instances when the types mentioned above of specialized bikes have their characteristics combined into one particular type – the hybrid bicycles. These are general-purpose bikes that can be used in a wide range of riding conditions and applications. According to some experts, they are most popular with beginner cyclists as well as casual riders, commuters, and even children. This is mainly due to their stability and comfort in use. Moreover, they are easy to use and require little to almost none practice.


Things to consider before buying your hybrid bicycle

For all the men out there that are planning to buy their hybrid bike, here are some of the questions you need to answer first before making that big purchase:

  1. Where do you plan on riding? This issue is one of the first ones that should be answered. If you are planning to use the bicycle to go to your school or your office, then perhaps you need one that has dominant traits of a road bike. A tourist bike can also be used in this particular instance. The bottom line is that you need to understand that these are made to run under smooth road conditions. Thus, the comfort you will get from using one will be incomparable.
  2. Would you go for top quality or affordability? This is a very tricky question. It is one that requires a simple answer but might just present a problem when you are at the point of actually answering it. Some people would say that they should probably go for one that is affordable. That is understandable given the amount of money one should spend just to have an average hybrid bike. But there are also some people that would go for top quality. That is because they believe that above all, they need to be sure that their bike is one of the best out there. But what if you can go for both? What if you can have an affordable top quality hybrid bike? How would that sound? You might think that it is impossible. But if you are just patient in looking for one, you’ll find that kind of bike.
  3. Do you plan on just using your bike on the road? This is also important because additional accessories that are put on hybrid bikes tend to depend on where they will be utilized. If you are planning just to use it on roads, there is no need for more accessories. Just an everyday road bike-type will suffice for your needs.
  4. What is your budget for this purchase? So you want to have the best, but you are low on budget. That sounds a bit embarrassing, doesn’t it? Well, there is a way to solve this particular problem. You just need to find that kind of bike that will not cost that much and will only give you the satisfaction you are aiming to have with your first ever hybrid bicycle.

For all the women out there, you can ask the same questions. There is just one additional question you need to ask, and that is the issue of comfort. Are you meticulous with the way the hybrid bike can provide you the comfort and easiness to move? If yes, then you should do your best to consult an expert in bikes. He will have all the answers to your questions when it comes to buying a hybrid bike.

Understanding the parts of a hybrid bike before making a purchase

parts of a hybrid Bike

For you to know how a hybrid bike works and how it will provide you with the means and ways to go anywhere you want to, you have to learn some things about its parts. Here are some of the things that you should know.

  1. Most of the hybrid bikes make use of 700c tires. The main characteristic of these tires is that they can quickly facilitate smooth movement on surfaces as well climbing.  They are considered to be perfect for riding on all surfaces. These tires are different from those that are found on cruiser bikes. These bikes use the 26-inch tire which provides a lot of cushions. But since it is a bit bigger than the 700c tire, this will eventually take its toll on the rider.
  2. Frame materials. The frame of a bike is a significant one. A motorcycle is not one without a frame. Two dominant materials are used with hybrid bikes. The first one is an aluminum frame while the second one is the carbon-fiber and carbon aluminum mix. Both of these have pros and cons and depending on what you can handle; you’ll have to take this a major consideration when buying your hybrid bike. That is something you need to take a look at so that you will not make a mistake when purchasing you’re first ever hybrid.
  3. This is thought to be one of the most fruitful and unbelievable advances in the field of bike production. Nowadays, many bicycles have gearing capabilities which facilitate easier and faster running. You need to consider one thing when looking at gearings installed in bikes – are this fail-proof? It is hard to tell by just looking, so you need the help of an actual expert. If you have a friend that knows a lot of things about bikes, you are in luck. If not, better luck next time or take a risk at buying the one you think is the best.
  4. For safety purposes, brakes are indeed needed in any vehicle. These are mechanisms that work when a top is necessary for the motion of any moving object. You’ll have to make sure that the brakes installed in the hybrid bike you are planning to buy also fail-proof and can be relied upon. There are some cases when brakes fail, and because of that, accidents happen. Surely, you don’t want to be involved in one, right?

How much would you need to budget to buy a hybrid bike?

The best advice that can be given to those who are planning to buy a hybrid bike is they should budget around $400.00. For that price, one can already have an above average bike that can meet the standards of even professionals. Now, the next challenge is putting that money to good use. Meaning, you should make sure that you buy the best product out there today. Do not waste your money by buying a bike that will get you regret in the end. It pays to be a smart buyer as always.

Should you get one for yourself?

The answer depends on you. If your desire is strong, then there is no need to hold back. Besides, bicycles can also be used for transportation, so this is not a waste of money. It will be lost however if you will just buy one and will not maximize its use. Keep in mind that you have to get your money’s worth and for you to make that happen, you need to make a proper utilization and account of the thing you spent your money for.

hybrid bikes safe

Are hybrid bikes safe for people like you?

It’s safe for as long as you exercise caution. Remember that accidents only happen because of the carelessness of some people and as long as you avoid that, you can be sure that you will be safe while riding on your hybrid bike.

Just avoid riding when you are intoxicated or when you are not feeling well or sleepy. Also, abide by the rules and always wear protective gears. Do not attempt to use your bike in places where they are not intended to be used because that might spell trouble for you. Always be a vigilant rider and take a close look at all the vehicles and people that are passing by you or you pass by. Do not ignore traffic signs and always make it a habit to stop, look and listen every once in a while. You do that, and there is a high chance that you will avoid meeting an accident. After all, your safety always depends on you most of the time. Do your part, and nothing bad will happen to you while using your hybrid bike.

It is one thing you have always wanted, so you need to take advantage of the opportunity.