How To Lock Up a Bicycle?

Are you an active cyclist?  Do you find regular usage of the bicycle tiresome due to parking and locking issues? Are you worried about the thefts in your area?

Do you think the only way to avoid the theft is to lock your bicycle in a proper way? Remember, even if you lock your bicycle, in a proper way, there are chances of it being stolen.

So, be cautious while choosing your bicycle lock as well as the method of locking. If you lock it in the right way, then it would give lesser chances for the thieves to try their luck on your bicycle.

When the bicycle is left unattended on the streets, it gives an invitation to the thieves to steal your bicycle.  So, to avoid such tragic incidents, here are the few ways to learn the basics about the lock, types of lock and the ways to keep your bicycle safe from the thieves.

Few basic principles you should be aware of in bike locking;

  • Make sure you have parked the bicycle in a secure way with a bicycle parked next to it. This will ensure your bicycle to be the least targeted option by the thieves when compared to other bicycles.
  • Never go for a simple locking option as it is easy for the thieves to snip it. Instead, try to use two locking systems- one with U-lock and the other with cable lockers or locking skewers. If you use multiple locking systems, there are fewer chances of your bike being stolen.
  • If you are using the U-lock, make sure it is quite smaller one. Using the smaller U-lock will provide less room for theft as well as it is easy to carry around.
  • Make your bicycle look quite ugly. Just adding a few pieces of tape over the seat might help you to avoid chances of being stolen.

Types of lock:

Learning about the types of lock will obviously help you to secure your bicycle while parking. Common types of lock which are widely used to lock bicycle are heavy chains and paddle locks, U-locks or D-locks, Cable locks, and combination locks. Each one of it is quite different from each other and has its own pros and cons.

How to choose the perfect lock for your cycle?

coded bike lock on a white background

Though there are multiple locks available to safeguard your bicycle, you may be little confused to choose the perfect lock. Are you confused? No worries. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect lock for your bicycle.

  • The right level of security is quite important. The prime objective of any bike lock is to protect your bicycle from theft. Some thieves might have tools like bolt cutters which readily cut the lock with little effort. Your bike lock should be in such a way it should be strong enough. Hence, choose the right level of protection.
  • Many different bike lock types are available to support you. Think and choose the right type of lock for protecting your bicycle. It is also important that the bike lock should be easily accessible by you and it is tough for the bike thieves
  • Choose the right brand of bike locks. There are many brands available to protect your bicycle. Among them, choose the best one that fits your need.

Where to lock your bicycle in the streets?

  • Choose the busy area for locking your bicycle. If possible, choose the place where there is a CCTV. This will reduce the chances of theft. If you are parking in the busy area, many people will hang around always making a less chance of stealing.
  • A bicycle locked will be secure only if it is locked with an immovable object. Find the perfect place near the immovable strong stands so that you can park your bicycle with ease.
  • If you are going to leave your bicycle more than an hour, never give any clues for the thieves who might be watching you. Since the thieves will have more time to cut the lock in order to steal your bike. Hence avoid giving any clues.
  • Try to be extra careful while parking your bicycle. If you know, the parking area is quite dangerous, just avoid parking in that area. Try to park in a safe and secure place.

How to lock your bicycles?

“How should I lock my bike?” is the big question that topples you? Learn here.

  • Try to lock your bike with an immovable object along with the bike frame. If you didn’t lock your frame, the criminal may easily remove the wheel and take the rest of the bicycle. To avoid such incidents try to lock your bike frame along with a strong immovable object.
  • Remember always locking your bike should be off the ground. Closer to the ground increases the chances of being stolen. If it is near the ground, then the thief may use his tools like a hammer to smash off the lock and to steal.
  • Try to keep your lock which is not easily accessible. If you try to use the lock in a position where the keyhole is facing the ground, it is the better option. The thief may struggle hard to tamper the keyhole.
  • Try to occupy as much space of U-lock, in case if you are using a U-lock for your bicycle. This will help in avoiding the thief to use bottle jack in order to smash the lock.

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Different ways to lock your bicycle in the streets:

Are you literally worried about the bike thieves?  Here are the few techniques to lock your bicycle in the streets.

  • Go for bike locking with two options. If the immovable object is cemented with the ground, try to use one lock for the back wheel along with the immovable object. The other one should be for the front wheel, frame, and the immovable object. This will ensure your bicycle locked in a secure way.
  • Use a cable lock along with a U-lock, which is a popular technique of bike locking. Use the U-lock to the rear wheel, immovable stand and with the frame. Use the cable to lock the front wheel using loops.
  • Lock your bicycle with one lock and remove front wheel together with the rear wheel. If it is easy to remove your front wheel. This method is the best option to safeguard your bike.
  • Use the “Sheldon” method to lock your bike. Sheldon Brown a renowned bicycle expert; use to lock the rear wheel along with the immovable stand within a rear triangle position of the frame.


Even with adequate precautions if you choose poor quality locks, it would definitely fail.  Hence, choosing and buying the right type of lock is the first basic step and it is also quite important to lock your bicycle in a proper way. Obviously, learning the basic locking techniques will help to secure your bike everywhere whether in the busy streets or at home.