How much is a Bike Tune Up?

A bike tune-up is one of the essential routines every cyclist practices to ensure a good biking performance. Like any other vehicle that requires careful maintenance, bikes also need the same care as its parts are prone to corrosion and wear. Yet, if a bike is religiously tuned-up, the lifespan of the bike can be prolonged.

Despite the importance of tuning up your bike, there’s a major factor why some bikers failed to maintain their bikes to its maximum care potential. And that factor knows how much a bike tune-up. Whether you are an entry-level biker, an enthusiast, a hobbyist or a professional biker, there are three canonical ways in which you can use to determine how much a bike tune-up. These are:

  • Recognizing the services included in a bike tune-up
  • Identify the type of tune-up you want for your bike
  • Know the people who will provide the bike tune-up services.

These are essential to know as it will help you in deciding whether you’ll do a DIY tune-up or rely on the bike tune-up experts, for the reason that you want to get the most out of your money and your bike.

Picture of man mending part of bicycle in workshop

Average Cost of a Bike Tune Up

A basic bike tune up costs around $70. A more extensive bike tune up costs around $130.

These costs can range depending on a number of factors such as what a shop includes in the tune up, the type of tune up being done to the bike, and who is doing the service.

What is included in a bike tune up? (Factor 1)

Many bike shops offer tune-up service. However, just because one shop offers certain services, every shop you’ll see will offer the same. Typically, a bike tune-up service consists of:

  • Removal of dirt, oil, and grease that is stuck on the bike.
  • Assessment of gears and derailleurs for any damage and misalignment
  • Checking of drive chain
  • Inspection of brakes for its grip and wear
  • Going-over, the tires for any presence of cracks, wears or swellings
  • Adjustments on all and any tensions made for various cables
  • Realignment of wheel and frame
  • Tightening of the wheel spokes
  • Diagnose any unwanted movement caused by unfixed headstocks and seating poles
  • Tightening of nuts and bolts to ensure safe biking
  • Reapplication of oil and grease to parts if needed

To determine if your bike will get the tune-up services it deserves, what you should do is to:

  1. Look for a bike shop near your area. In this way, it will be easier to bring your bike for any emergency repairs aside from tune-ups anytime.
  2. Compare the prices and the tune-up services every bike shop you’ll find offers.
  3. Read customer reviews about the bike shop you’ve chosen to visit.
  4. Set an appointment with the bike shop owner to ask about their services, and other services you wish to be applied on your bike upon tuning-up.

Keep in mind that your bike needs to be tuned-up to get your bike in shape, mainly if you’ll be engaged in long travels or will be competing.

Photo of man holding bicycle repair

The Type of Tune-up to be applied (Factor 2)

Bike tune-up is not just about giving your bike cleaning and repairing maintenance. It is also categorized according to the type of tune-up service that your bike needs. If you consistently maintain your bike, but still wanted to have it tuned-up by experts, you no longer need to have your bike undergo a hardcore tune-up. The basics are enough. However, if you’d never maintain your bike at home, or had it stored for a long time and just decided to use it again, you might need a complete overhaul.

To know how much is a bike tune-up, you must understand that a tune-up service has certain care levels according to the amount of maintenance that your bike needs. Most bike shops offer initial bike tune-up, full bike tune-up, and complete bike overhaul.

To determine if any of these tune-up levels is what your bike needs you must:

  1. Identify your bike’s overall condition by looking at the drivetrain, the wheels, the headset and the bottom bracket, gears and brakes as well as the cleanliness of the bike.
  2. Bring your bike to the bike shop to get it to assess nu tune-up experts.
  3. Mention to the bike mechanic what you experience whenever you ride the bike or any history that is related to the present situation of the bike.
  4. Inquire about the tune-up service that will be recommended to your bike and ask why is it necessary.

Rather than just accept what bike shops recommend for the tuning-up of your bike, it is best to ask them about the procedures they will employ in tuning up your bike.

Who will provide the bike tune-up services (Factor 3)

The popularity of bikes has encouraged a lot of people to establish shops that will cater to the needs of casual bikers, hobbyists and professional bikers. However, if you’re not keen enough about the people who will provide the tune-up service for your bike, it might damage your bike further.

If you’re going to look for a tune-up service provider, these are the things that you should do to ensure that your bike will receive the proper care it deserves.

  1. Browse on the internet for the available bike shops near your area.
  2. Check their website and see their long list of tune-up services they provide as well as the people who provide the service.
  3. Read customer’s feedback to verify the quality of service they provide to their customers.
  4. You can also ask fellow bikers for their recommended bike shop and visit it personally to see if it has the type of bike tune-up service you are looking for.

Before you avail of any tune-up service from a bike shop, you must know who will handle your bike to ensure that your bike will get the tune-up service it needs. Most of the bike tune-up mechanics are licensed, so it’s another thing to look for when you visit a bike shop.


In determining how much is a bike tune-up there’s a lot of things to consider. These are the tune-up service that bike shop offers, the type of service and the reliability of the provider. These must be emphasized in your search as it will help you decide if you should DIY the tune-up of your bike or seek the expertise of a bike specialist. In this way, you’ll get to know if you’ll get what you pay for or not.