How much does a dirt bike weigh?

A dirt bike is a type of 2-wheeled vehicle designed to use on rough terrain, including unsurfaced roads and tracks. The dirt bike works differently from the usual motorcycle as it employs any of the two engines: 2 strokes and 4 strokes. Considering the type of engines used in dirt bikes, you should know that it also affects the weight of the dirt bike.

Each dirt bike manufacture weighs differently and that mass can highly affect your riding experience and performance. So for you to be able to choose the best dirt bike to use.

Extreme Motocross MX Rider riding on dirt track

How much do dirt bikes weigh?

Dirt bikes weigh between 90 lbs (50cc) and 280 lbs (300cc). The weight will vary by bike brand and model, but this general range gives you a better idea of what to expect.

There are a couple factors that affect the weight of the bike including its size and frame and the rider (if you’re looking for total weight when occupied).

Size Of The Dirt Bike

The weight of the dirt bikes also depends on the size of the bike. And in buying your dirt bike, size matters. However, since dirt bikes are large and appear intimidating, a lot of people buy dirt bikes that are too short for them. So how will you be able to buy a bike with the size and weight that is appropriate for you? Here’s what you should do.

Match your seat height to your height. Most of the seat height you see in charts are approximations, but it is a good guide for you to choose the right dirt bike. So if you’re going to buy a dirt bike, you can use this chart.

Your Height                           Recommended Seat Height

6’ (182cm)                             37.5” or taller

5’10 (178cm)                         35” to 39”

5’8” (172 cm)                        34” to 38”

5’6” (167 cm)                        34” to 38”

5’4” (162cm)                         33” to 36”

5’2″ (157cm)                         31” to 35″

When sizing a dirt bike with kids, make sure that the balls of their feet and the toes touch both sides. This allows the kids to grow a bit, which eventually will make them flat-footed, rather than starting to ride the dirt bike flat-footed and grow because it will be a big problem in the future.

When you know the size of the bike, you will be able to determine the weight of the bike if it is right for you when you ride it.

Dirt Bike’s Frame

The strength of the bike depends on its weight and the frame used. The frame of the dirt bike will be one that will support the rider that’s why you have to be vigilant with the materials used in the dirt bike frame. Typically, the materials used in building a frame are steel or aluminum so there’s no problem with your ride as long as the frame of your dirt bike is made of the mentioned frame material.

To choose the right dirt bike frame, here’s what you can do.

  1. Check the frame materials used. As mentioned above, a sturdy bike frame is usually made of either steel, aluminum or carbon fiber. These bike frame materials have their features that match the type of ride, whether it’s long-distance travel or race.
  2. Identify the use of a bike frame according to riding style. Bike frame materials have a different use, which you should pay more attention to as your riding performance depends on it. The advantage of an aluminum bike frames is that it is corrosion resistant but not as light as the carbon fiber. It is relatively affordable which makes it popular to bike riders and racers. Yet, the disadvantage of aluminum bike frames is that it doesn’t absorb the road buzz which gives an uncomfortable ride for long-distance travel. Thus, aluminum is only recommended as an entry-level bike frame.

Bike frames made of carbon fiber are recommended for road and higher-end mountain bikes, including those bikes used for professional-level races. It is a sturdy bike frame material as it is made of composite carbon sheets that are joined in a mold with the use of resin. When it comes to weight, it is lighter than titanium, aluminum and steel. It does a great job on long-distance travel as it absorbs road vibration. Yet, among the bike frames available, carbon fiber frames are pricey.

Steel used to be the bike-building of choice, yet the decline in user of this material is due to weight and cost. It’s less desirable for higher-end bikes because it is heavier which makes the biking experience uncomfortable. However, if you want to custom build a bike, the steel bike frame is recommended because it is denser and stronger than aluminum.

Bike front wheel


Weight of the rider

Dirt bikes are not limited to rider’s height and weight, but it does have an impact on your riding performance. Keep in mind that dirt bikes are a strong, powerful beast, with different engine levels and sizes to consider because it will be the one to support your weight. So if you want to know the weight of the dirt bike, you should also look at your weight to see if you can be supported. And this is how you can do it.

  1. Look for the Cubic Centimeters (cc). When you ride the dirt bike, remember that each pound you weigh, it will require your dirt bike 1cc (cubic centimeter) of power. For instance, if you weigh 200lbs, then the bike will probably pick up a 2-stroke engine that 210~250cc.
  2. Check the engine strokes. To avoid confusion, the 2-stroke engine means that the dirt bike is a lot better to ride on a loose track because it is lighter and is quick to accelerate. On the other hand, 4-stroke engines don’t accelerate as quick as 2-stroke and it is heavier to ride. However, the weight gives 4-stroke dirt bikes an advantage to gain speed on smooth trails.

If you are a heavy rider, it is best to buy a 4-stroke engine dirt bike as it can support your weight better than the 2-stroke engine dirt bike. The only downside of it is that it will take a little time before it can gain speed.


In determining the weight of the dirt bike, there’s a bunch of ways on how you will be able to know it. The weight of the frame and the rider, the engine used and the size of the dirt bike play a big part in the overall weight of the dirt bike and its performance. That’s why, if you’re planning to customize your dirt bike and want to know if it will make a difference to your riding experience, the aforementioned methods are the best way that you can use to determine how much does a dirt bike weigh.