How Long Does it Take to Bike 9 Miles?

How long will it take you to bike 9 miles? Ever wondered how much time it will take, on average, to bike a certain distance? In this post, we are going to answer just that.

A lot comes into play when you are considering biking for any distance: the type of bike, the terrain, the fitness of the biker, pro or amateur.

At a pace of 15 miles per hour, it would take about 36 minutes to cover a distance of 9 miles. If not riding on flat ground, it could be closer to 40 to 50 minutes.

Let’s look at this a bit more in-depth.

Factors that Influence how long it takes to bike 9 miles

Type of bike

Road bikes are the best equipped for long-distance riding. They are light, fast with the only drawback being they are not as efficient off-road. The drop bars tend to be difficult and uncomfortable to handle.

Mountain bikes are great for dirt trails and have good suspension. They have fat, knobby tires to maintain traction off-road. The bike is versatile in terms of terrain; it is slower on pavements and is an overall heavier bike. Hybrids are a cross between the mountain and road, making it good for any terrain.

It has upright bars good which make are easier than the drop bars on a road bike. It is the best bike for beginners and ideally quicker on varied terrain than the other two.

City bikes are best for urban commuting environments and are pretty low maintenance and durable but very quick. This bike is affordable and good for beginners but it is not designed for long-distance rides.

There are even more emerging varieties of bikes, which are terrain specific or focused on competitive cycling or easier rides but this is an overall look at bikes and how their ride could affect how quickly you could cover a 9-mile track.

The Terrain

On cycle paths: if the 9-mile track is on a cycle path. In between the road bikes and the mountain bikes, the hybrid bike behaves just as well on the gravelly paths of the municipal campground as on the smooth asphalt of a paved path.

On the road where you might climb stairs and carrying the bike and on asphalt to the road bike becomes the most ideal. Due to its narrow wheels and the curved handlebars making changing position easier. On trails, with rocky slopes and unpredictable turns, mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with sturdy tires and a very responsive braking system, mountain bikes are sure to charm thrill seekers. Basing on this you’ll find the variations in speed would account for the longer or shorter times


Beginners average out their speed of 10mph/16kph over an hour or two on a road bike. Riding consistently and gets you fitter and maintaining a mileage per hour in the mid-teens (around 15.5mph/25kph) over several hours.

This keeps it at around 54 minutes. For an average speed of 20mph/32kph, a lot of systematic training in needed. It takes eight times as much effort to overcome air resistance at 20mph as it does at 10mph, that is a big increase in power output and improves the time around 18 minutes. Also, for an absurd statistic the average Tour de France cyclist clocks in at around 10 to 15 minutes for a 9 mile drag out.

Weather Conditions

Accounting for clothing, cold weather would be brutal for a cyclist. You also have to wet weather, which can almost double the average tracking time. Hot weather, like cold weather, has many difficulties to face and hydration can be a strong determinant.

Winds are often a challenge that can cause a rider to lose time in major races such as the Tour de France. Even if it is for a casual ride, biking into a strong wind can cause you to exert more energy.

Weather also damages the surfaces and makes traversing terrains trickier, and hot asphalt wears the tires more affecting the traction. Making your way in snow an arduous task that can turn a 40-minute journey into a 2-hour one.

Conclusion on How Long To Bike 9 miles

Overall, many factors come to play when we consider the time taken for a 9 mile journey. Moreover, beginners take longer than pros. The better the shape you are in, the easier it is to make good time.

The better your choice of bike for specific terrain the better your time overall. Therefore, time for any 9-mile track time is really dependant.