How Long Does it Take to Bike 7 Miles?

How long will it take you to cycle 7 miles on average? If you are an up-and-coming biker, you may need to measure yourself against the established standards. It’s a good way to have an aiming point and to gauge your progress over time.

  • A 7 mile biking track takes about 28 minutes to complete at a speed of 15 mph. However, if the ground is not flat it may take much longer.
  • Pro-cyclists breeze through such a distance in under 20 minutes. At a speed of 25 miles per hour, it would be about 17 minutes.

This is of little surprise as their fitness regime is off the charts. However, some notable personalities have been known to dope here and there to exaggerate their performance. To achieve an under 30 min cycle for 7-mile run the body needs to be conditioned over time. You would have increased your heart rate to above 140 beats per minute. Pedaling cadence to approximately 80 to 90 rounds per minute.

Ideal 7 Miles Results

For ideal results, there needs to be a month-on-month increase in your times. The condition of your bike plays much of a role in your improvement, as does your body. A daily check of the wheels for any wobble breaks to make sure they work and are greased to keep the bike moving proficiently.

Choosing a mountain, road or hybrid bike is also a determining factor. Different bikes offer different
advantages over specific terrains. The hybrid bike is pretty versatile in most cases and offers a lightweight option for the times you’ll have to carry it to get up a flight of stairs. For those not running an urban trail, listening to a good playlist does have a marked improvement on
one’s speed.

Using your biking gears more efficiently can also improve your time. When training it is advisable to practice in hilly countryside areas. As well as cycling against a headwind. You save 40 percent of your energy by cycling in a group as you act as each other’s windbreak. This is the same technic used by marathon runners to conserve energy. It is called Drafting, which makes a strong
case for cycling clubs and the benefits they can offer a beginner. Although it is worth noting, if you have ever watched any cycling competition, it is no easy feat riding in groups.

Off-road riding improves your balance and bike handling skills, and the energy and practice is better than road riding, which can improve your fitness in a similar way to intervals. Going uphill will not only need the exertion of more energy but will also tend to produce lower speeds.

Having a technology that can assist you in tracking you vitals as well as performance too can be a great leg up on the journey to cut down your time. Considering you burn 390 calories on average for a 7 miles track, the benefits are amazing. Moreover, you burn more than double that for an hour’s worth of training.

Clothing and biking positioning, improve your aerodynamics such that there is less drag from the air as you ride. The main thing you can do to improve your aerodynamic performance is to reduce your frontal profile.

The higher you are over your handlebars the better, within reason of course. Cycling is more than just about getting fast times and hard data.

Enjoy the sights, the senses, and the complete enjoyment without these elements it becomes another meaning routine exercise. The times are great to chase and as a benchmark to gauge your improvement but what is it all for if you cannot take the second to smell the roses so to speak.

Conclusion on Biking 7 Miles

I like to cycle through muddy trails in spitting weather. The droplets can be an irritation but the freedom the experience grants you, the challenge you offer the elements, and the trickiness of the terrain. There is nothing similar. For me, these things elevate the sport. It reminds me of an obscure reference to “concrete cowboys on iron horses”. Cleaning your bike may not be a particularly fun job, but it can make a real difference to your efficiency. A clean chain will have less friction than full of dirt.

A rubbing brake or kinked rim will slow you down, while worn brake pads will be less effective endangering you, yet also obliging you to slow down more gradually, again lowering your speed. I guess a little mental acuity, physical conditioning and proper equipment maintenance are the lynchpins in getting faster times and cracking a result of under 20 minutes for the average individual.