Fox Vs Rockshox: Which One is Better?

I have been into mountain biking since my childhood. A mountain bike with incredible forks tends to foster smooth rides over rough terrains.

But if your bikes can’t dampen shocks from the trails, you need to consider upgrading the forks. Fox and RockShox are popular mountain bike forks brands in the market.

These forks share close similarities in terms of brand reputation, production technology, and features. Both novice and experienced mountain bikers can find it challenging to make an informed choice. So, what is the main difference between fox and RockShox?

Fox forks are suitable for downhill racing, while RockShox forks dominate the cross country race. Besides that, fox is a more popular brand than RockShox in the market.

This guide to mountain bike forks provides side-by-side comparisons between fox and RockShox brands. The information will help you select the best bang worth the value of your money. Take the time to read through from the start to the end.

Differences between Fox and RockShox Forks

Brand Reputation

Fox forks are dominant on modern mountain bikes. The popularity spearheads increase in fork sales numbers due to their high demand. RockShox forks are less popular when compared to Fox forks.

These suspension forks experience sales fluctuation due to low demand. Fox brand is a winner under this category. But it is not an indicator that one brand is better than the other based on the number of sales made in a year.

Brand Racing Style

RockShox forks are suitable for cross country races. The suspension fork attributes provide a strong force that spearheads higher winning rates in a race. Fox forks are ideal for downhill races.

The robust design enables the suspension to dampen shocks from challenging trails. It also contributes to higher winning rates in a downhill race. Both Rockshox and Fox brands are winners in this category. Keep in mind that riders tend to make a difference in any race. No brand is superior to the other.

Brand Service Intervals

Fox offers one service interval for their suspension forks. It occurs after 125 hours of riding or yearly. The service intervals depend on what comes first between riding hours and the annual period. Rockshox considers lower leg fork service intervals after a maximum of 50 hours of riding.

It also recommends service intervals for dampers and the spring of modern forks after 200 hours of riding. The service interval for each brand is incredible. Both Fox and Rockshox are winners under this category. Choose the brand that meets your needs and preferences.

Brand Signature Colors

Shiny orange is the signature color for the Fox brand. But this color is only available for factory- level forks. It implies that you can get aftermarket forks with different colors.

The signature colors for the Rockshox brand are BoXXer red, SID blue, and Gloss Silver. Keep in mind that these colors depend on the model of the mountain bike. Both brands have eye-catching signature colors. But RockShox brand has several color selections to suit the taste and the preference of mountain bikers. Rockshox brand is the winner.

Torque Cap End Caps

Modern Rockshox forks accept torque cap end caps. These components help to improve the front-end stiffness on any terrain. Fox forks are incompatible with wheels having torque end caps.

It only accepts standard end caps to create more contact surfaces with the forks. RockShox forks are compatible with wheels having either torque cap end caps or standard cap end. The versatility and performance make the brand the winner under this category.

Stanchion Diameter

Fox name its forks based on stanchion diameter. It is easy to discern each fork and note the intended purpose regardless of your experience with mountain bikes. Rockshox has a suspension fork list for determining the stanchion diameter. Each fork from the list has specific stanchion diameter details. Fox brand is the winner under this category. It relieves the rider from the hassle of going through suspension fork lists before buying a specific suspension that suits their need.

Stanchion Coating

The Fox factory-level forks have Kashima coating (gold) on their stanchions. The distinctive gold coating provides a hard-to-the-scratch surface to prevent wear and tear. Rockshox uses a fast black coating on their stanchions. The black stanchion coating comes with several sag gradients for easy identification. Fox stanchion coating is the winner. The gold coating is durable and protects the stanchion from damages since it is less abrasive to depreciation.

Brand Dampers

Fox uses Fox Isolated Technology to create adjustable dampers that suit different terrains and rider’s preferences. Examples of fox dampers are FIT Grip2, FIT Grip, FIT4, and live valves. Rockshox dampers are grouped into charger2.1, Charger 2, Motion control, Charger RC and RL.

These dampers category depends on the riding experience and hierarchical performance. Both Fox and RockShox dampers have incredible performance in terms of oil and valving control speed. Keep in mind that different rims use different dampers.

Brand History

RockShox is the oldest manufacturer of mountain bike suspension forks. The brand came into existence around 1989. It has acquired several biggest names in the biking industry. Fox is another leading suspension fork company. It came into existence around 1991 though it made the first suspension forks in 2001. Both brands are the winners under this category due to their rich history. But Fox uses modern technology to manufacture suspension forks.

Is RockShox As Good As Fox?

Yes. But RockShox forks are suitable for cross country races. Fox suspension forks are excellent for diving in challenging trails.

Which Fork is Better Rockshox or Fox?

Both brands are the top tier in the market. Fox fork feels slightly more traction while RockShox feels slightly more active and poppy. Why Are Fox Forks So Expensive? Due to their stiffness, durability, and minimal maintenance costs. Besides that, the brand has an incredible reputation in the market.


Suspension forks help in the absorption of low and high impacts. These components play a vital role during mountain biking on the trails. Fox and RockShox are reputable brands in the biking industry.

These brands are known for designing high-quality suspension forks or dampers. But fox forks perform well during the downhill races, and RockShox forks are ideal for cross country races.

This is the main factor that helps to tell the difference between these brands. I recommend using Fox forks due to their versatility, durability, and availability in the market. Besides that, most modern mountain bikes have Fox suspension forks over the RockShox counterpart.