Frequentily asked questions

faq 1Q: Where can we buy your product in U.S?
faq 2A: KHS Bicycle, Ju0026amp;B Import or direct purchase from our website
faq 1Q: Where will it be shipped from?
faq 2A: If destination is within US, it will be shipped from Torrance, California.  All other countries will be shipped from South Korea.
faq 1Q: What is the cost for shipping?
faq 2A: Within U.S, it is approx $5, and $20 for all other countries
faq 1Q: What is the tax rate?
faq 2A: For California only, it is 8.75%
faq 1Q: Do you have distributors?
faq 2A: Yes, we do have distributors in US, Europe and S. Korea.  For countries we do not have distributor can be directly purchased from our website.
faq 1Q: We would like to be exclusive distributor for your brand or product.
faq 2A: It requires the volume of order.
faq 1Q: We own a bike shop in U.S, do you have wholesale price?
faq 2A: Yes, please email us at
faq 1Q: We own a bike shop outside of U.S.  Are there any wholesale price?
faq 2A: Yes, we do. Please contact via email at.  It will be shipped from South Korea.
faq 1Q: Do you have a distributor in Canada?
faq 2A: No, we do not.  Please purchase directly from our website
faq 1Q: Do you ship worldwide?
faq 2A: Yes, we ship worldwide when purchased through our website.
faq 1Q: After a purchase, what would be the delivery time?
faq 2A: In case of U.S, it takes approximately 5 days via Fedex Ground.  All others will be shipped via EMS(South Korea Postal Service) and it takes bout 3~6 days.
faq 1Q: Can bike safety light be installed in any bicycles?
faq 2A: No, diameter of Saddle pole should be less than 1.26inch(32mm).
faq 1Q: Does the light, not the bike lane lines, have a choice between the solid light or a blinking light?
faq 2A: Yes, it has Strobe functions for LED and Laser.
faq 1Q: What is the warranty of the product?
faq 2A: It will be upto 1 year for repair or replacement.  It depends on condition of the product.  If product is defect, customer needs to report within 7 days for replacement.
faq 1Q: There are some sellers selling your product such as Sportzoo on Amazon and they offer low pricing.  Are those your products?
faq 2A: No, they post our images of product but it isn’t our product.  Unauthorized seller of our product will not provide any services or warranty.  Please check our XFIRE logo on the product.