Do gravel bikes have suspension? (Explained)

It’s a question many cyclists seem to ask themselves; does my gravel bike have suspension? It’s a fair question. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and BMX bikes all have suspension (even penny farthings), but what about gravel bikes? Let’s find out.

What is a Bike Suspension?

A bike suspension is a shock absorber system that is built into the frame of a bike. The purpose of bike suspension is to reduce the impact of bumps or obstacles on the road while riding.

A good example of how suspension works is to think about riding over rough terrains like cobblestones or railroad tracks.

 If you were riding without any suspension, your body would bounce up and down as you hit each bump in the road. This would make for an uncomfortable ride, especially if you were traveling at high speeds.

What does a bike suspension do?

The main purpose of a bike suspension is to make your ride more comfortable. The suspension absorbs the bumps and vibrations that you would otherwise feel through your hands and feet, making for a smoother ride.

A bike’s suspension can be either front or rear, or both. The front fork is attached to the frame and contains an oil-filled chamber that moves up and down with the terrain.

The rear shock absorber contains an oil-filled chamber that moves up and down with the terrain.

Do gravel bikes have a suspension?

The answer is yes, but it’s not that common yet.

While these bikes are designed for the rigors of gravel riding, they still need to be light enough that you can get up the hills without feeling like you’re dragging a wagon behind you.

This limits how much suspension they can have and still be competitive with other bikes in their class.

Gravel bikes have been around for decades, but they’ve only recently started to get some attention from mainstream bike manufacturers.

The idea behind them is to create a bike that can handle rough roads and trails while still being able to ride on smooth pavement as well.

If you live in an area with lots of unpaved roads, this could be a great option for getting out on the trails without having to buy two separate bikes.

Can you put a suspension on a gravel bike?

The short answer is yes, you can put a suspension on a gravel bike. However, it’s not an ideal solution.

The longer answer is that there are lots of different types of suspension systems out there and some of them work very well on gravel roads. But not all of them do.

Some people have done it successfully and have even raced on suspension-equipped bikes. But it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you get started.

What makes a bicycle a gravel bike?

The most important thing that makes a bike a gravel bike is that it doesn’t have a suspension fork or shock.

 That’s because they’re intended to be ridden on rough surfaces and paved roads, which means they don’t need the plushness of suspension.

Gravel bikes are designed for durability and light weight, so they tend to have a lot of aluminum in them. They also have wider tires than road bikes, which gives you more traction when you’re riding off-road terrain like dirt trails or gravel roads.

Bike suspension pros and cons

Suspension is the most important part of a mountain bike. It can make or break your ride, so it’s worth understanding the pros and cons of different types of suspension.

Bike Suspension Pros:

  1. Comfortable ride – Suspension absorbs bumps in the road and makes riding more comfortable.
  2. More control – The suspension helps you stay on top of your bike and maintain control when things get rough, whether that means harsh terrain or just steep climbs.
  3.   Keeps tires in contact with the ground – Without some sort of fork or shock absorber, your tires would constantly be bouncing off obstacles instead of staying in contact with the ground for traction and control.

Bike Suspension Cons:

  1. It adds weight – Bikes with a lot of suspensions can weigh more than the same model without suspension. If you’re looking to go fast and far, this may not be ideal.
  2. The parts that make up the suspension system add to the price of the bike – Depending on your budget, this may be something you want to avoid or consider when buying a bike.


Gravel racing is getting more popular than ever. Although most gravel bikes do not have suspension they provide a comfortable ride and also make it easier to tackle the kind of terrain.