Top 10 Best Electric bike Under 1000 (Reviewed 2020)


electric bike

Remember those childhood days of casual fun we had riding our bicycles around the block? Surely for most of us have a job and a family, it’s difficult to take the time to enjoy an occasional ride. We can do that still.

With the emergence of the , it introduced a new means of transportation. A simple addition of an electric motor to a conventional great road bike allows us to cover more mileage or rough terrain easily. As a result, we don’t have to take the already crammed bus or train to work or drive to the market for weekly shopping. As for those of us who like to spend as much time in nature as possible, we might appreciate not having to pedal assist all the way uphill.

It comes as no surprise then that the popularity of e-bikes soared over the last couple of years. Given the convenience and the health benefits they provide, more and more people turn to this unconventional means of transportation. They present an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional motorized vehicles.

So if you’re considering buying one, there’s a wealth of modes e-bike models to choose from depending on their purpose. What follows summarizes the essential things we should know about e-bikes. After that, we’ll review 1000 best electric bikes to help you determine which one is the best for you.


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10 The Best Electric Bikes Less Than 1000 Dollars for 2019

#1. Ancheer Power Plus

This electric bike is one model of electric mountain bikes worth considering. It comes at a reasonable price, so the quality of it is not a premium. However, you will get the most out of your investment since it is led headlamp but sturdy and durable. Here’s why this is one of 1000 best electric bikes.

The Frame

The frame and wheels of this e-bike are made of high-quality magnesium alloy, while the forks comprise carbon frame. In effect, these do not overwhelm the bike which contributes to the overall speed control. Due to the sturdiness of such design, we can ride the road bike on rough terrain.

The Electric Motor

Given that this is a mountain bike, we will most probably appreciate the quiet brushless electric motor. It is powered by a removable 36V 8Ah lithium ion battery that can run for about 30 miles.

The Speed and Range

The bike has three-speed, and it can achieve a speed shifter of 15 to 30 mph. The maximum 250w high-speed the motor can deliver without pedaling is 18 mph.

Two Modes

The model has two working modes, i.e., the e-bike mode and the assisted bicycle mode. While it’s recommended that we combine the two, we might find the first optimal for long drives. People find the latter useful for climbing up hills.

2. ECOTRIC 20’’

This electric bike comes from a line of e-bikes that focus on delivering power. This model is usually the choice of slightly overweight riders that like to ride around the block. The sturdy frame of the good bike good ride works well(biking experience) for riding on rough terrains. It can fold, so we can easily transport it in your car or store it at home.

The Frame

Since they design it for rough city roads, the sturdiness of the bike stems from its alloy frame. Being also a light material, the alloy makes the bike durable while it doesn’t add too much weight to it. For those who have issues with their weight and wish to exercise more, this model is worth considering.

The Motor and Battery Power

The overall weight of the e-bike can support is 260 lbs, meaning that the electric motor must deliver higher power. Hence, the model has a brushless 500w motor powered by a 12Ah lithium battery. It usually takes from 6 to 8 hours to charge fully, and the bike can run up to 22 miles.

The Speed Control

Though the electric motor delivers excellent power, the speed is not that impressive. Thus the maximum speed it can reach is 20 mph.

The Folding Electric Bike

One feature that might tip the scales in favor of this model is its ability to fold. It’s easy to pack and transport to wherever you wish to go riding.

3. Merax 26 Electric Mountain Bike

Surely one of 1000 best electric bikes for adults is This E-bike. Though the price might leave us skeptical, the quality of the e-bike is noteworthy. As it’s designed for rough city roads, it made to be a sturdy and strong, yet affordable and comfortable ride.

The Frame

Just like other e-bikes intended for bumpy roads, the frame offers extra sturdiness because of the combined alloy frame and carbon steel frame. Thus the maximum weight it can support is 250 lbs. The quality of the lightweight materials delivers strength without additional heaviness to the overall construction.

The Comfortable Ride

Once we get to the rocky road, we will undoubtedly realize the quality of the seat and the handlebar. The manufacturer was mindful of just how unpleasant the road can be. They designed both the seat and bars to ease the discomfort while riding.

The Motor Power

The e-bike operates with a 350W motor placed inside the hub of the rear wheel. It has two driving modes, i.e., the assisted mode and the electric mode to choose from. Should you wish to peddle with help and exercise simultaneously, the former is a better choice. However, sometimes I find myself exhausted after a long cycling period and wish to get some rest. This is where electric bike mode comes in handy as it allows the rider to relax without having to stop.

The Battery Power

What powers the electric motor is 36V 8.8 Ah battery that takes about 5 hours to charge fully. Because of its convenient placement, we can easily access or remove the battery. Once it’s fully charged, the e-bike’s range goes up to 28 miles on flat terrain.

4. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro could be listed as one of the favorite e-bikes for city commutes. Because of its compact and height adjustments design, small resistance fat tire, and folding bike options, this model is convenient for your daily city commutes.

The Bike Frame

In keeping with the norm of lightweight, this electric bike comes with an alloy frame. As a result, the entire construction weighs about 37 lbs. Also, for even greater convenience, the seat post and the handlebars can be modified to our height.

The Motor and Battery Power

This model operates on 250w brushless motor powered with 36V 7.8 Ah battery. The battery capacity takes from 4 to 5 hours to charge fully.

The Speed

On a full charge, this electric bike can reach a maximum speed. Though it might be a tad disappointing, this is the recommended commuter bike speed for urban areas. We need not run amok around the city.


One reason commuters favor this e-bike is its light folding frame. Namely, the overall design of the frame makes it easy to fold and carry. We can easily take it with us to the office, or upload it on a tram or a bus. We can pack it in a suitcase or a cupboard. I honestly wish I knew this existed before I bought my regular commuter bike.

5. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

This model comes with a specific design to meet the needs of riders who prefer rough terrains. Apart from the sturdy frame, it comes with a fat tire, which means we can comfortably ride it regardless of the weather conditions or the rider’s weight.

The Frame

To achieve sturdiness while keeping the bike lightweight(ecotric fat tire electric bike), it makes the frame out of aluminum alloy frame.

The Motor

What sets this ecotric fat tire electric bike apart from others is the power it delivers. Namely, it has a rear hub 500w motor that provides both pedal assist and throttle.

Fat Tires

This one feature adds to better performance of the great bike regardless of the weather conditions or the road. What that means is that we can ride it in the sand and even in snow effortlessly. The fat tire also allows more massive people to enjoy an easy to ride—the weight this bike can handle goes up to 300 lbs.

The Battery

With a powerful motor, there must come a powerful battery capacity. The model comes with a 36V 12Ah lithium cell battery encased in a sealed pack. It takes about 5 to 8 hours to charge to optimal capacity and can run up to 34 miles per one full charge.

Top Speed

Though this model delivers great power, the same does not apply to 7 speed. The 7 gear system this model has allowed a maximum of 23 mph, which does not include the first e-bikes out there.

6. Tomasar Power Electric Bike

This is another one in the line of lightweight but durable mountain bikes.  However, contrary to its counterpart, this model can be folded for added convenience.

The Frame

The model’s frame is made entirely out of aluminum alloy frame, making it lightweight.  For additional strength, the front fork comprises carbon material and also provides shockproof(shock absorber). As for the seat and the handlebars, it can adjust both to the required height.

The Motor and Battery Power

This has a brushless 250 W gear motor powered by an 8Ah battery. Also, the battery is removable and can be charged while on the bike or once removed from beneath the crossbar. It can take from 4 hours to charge fully and can run up to 43 miles.

Two Working Modes

Since the maximum speed limit, this e-bike can achieve 15 mph; we surely won’t be using it for racing. However, it has two working speed riding modes that prove to be helpful on long-distance travel.


Regardless of its similarity to Ancheer Power Plus Pro, This comes with the additional folding feature. This adds to the portability of the bike; in this way, it can be easily stored and transported.

7. Swagtron SwagCycle Classic E-bike

The (swagtron swagcycle) unusual yet compact design makes this electric bike one of the electric mountain bike. For those going to college or commuting to work, this is one model to note. One thing that we might find curious, though, is the lack of chain and pedals.

The Frame

This model is undoubtedly one of the lightest e-bikes out there — it’s made of aerospace-grade aluminum. As a result, it only weighs about 29lbs. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not durable. It can support up to 264 lbs.

The Motor and Battery Power

This model has a 250w motor powered by a lithium cell battery that can recharge in less than 3 hours. The downside is that the maximum speed that the bike can reach is 10mps, while the range is also just 10 miles on a single.

The Working Mode

We must note is that it runs entirely on the electric motor. Thus, there’s just one working mode available – the e-bike mode. That is why this motor resembles a scooter a little too much. Still, it’s utterly eco-friendly because, unlike the scooter, it doesn’t use fuel or emit harmful fumes.


Another feature that adds to this e-bike is that we can fold it. That, combined with its overall small construction, makes it one of the electric bikes under 1000 for a daily commute.

8. NAKTO Electric Bike

For those of us who enjoy a bike ride and want to include some exercise in our lives, this is a model we should consider. Nakto electric mountain bike is listed as one of the electric bikes under 1000 for commuters as it offers relaxed long-distance rides at a reasonable price.

The Frame

Unlike other models mentioned in this text,Nakto cargoelectric mountain bike has a sturdy but heavy metal frame. It does, however, provide extra support so we can use it for grocery shopping. There’s even a basket included at the front of the bike and a rear cargo rack we can use to carry our cargo.

The Motor and Battery Power

Because this e-bike is intended for covering long distances fast, its brushless electric motor can deliver the speed of up to 25 mph. Also, the motor is powered by a 10Ah removable lithium battery, which can run up to 25 miles on a single charge. The battery takes from 3 to 4 hours to charge, which is commendable.

Two Working Modes

Depending on our needs, we get to choose between two working speed riding modes. To be more precise, we can use the pedal assist to gain more speed and running our errands more quickly. Or we can opt for the throttle to propel us if we get too tired pedaling under the weight limit of our load capacity.

9. Ancheer AN-EB003

On a closer look, Ancheer AN-EB003 seems to be an improved version of Ancheer Power Plus electric mountain bike (Ancheer AN-EB001). The overall features are almost the same. Still, the former goes a step further.

The Frame

Just like Ancheer AN-EB001, this model’s frame is built from an aluminum alloy frame to ensure its lightweight. This bike, however, provides double shock absorbers because of the front suspension technology both in the front and the rear suspension fork.  This results in a much smoother ride, regardless of the terrain.

What adds to the sturdiness of the e-bike are the double-walled rims of the wheels. It also makes these are also out of alloy frame, while the fat tire adapts to different terrains.

The Motor and Battery Power

With this model, the 250-watt electric motor is powered by a 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery. As a result, the model can deliver up to 15 mph and cover the range of 30 miles on a single. The battery can take from 4 to 6 hours to charge.

Three Working Modes

While Ancheer Power Plus electric mountain bike had 2 modes, this model does one better. It has three working speed modes to regulate your riding. These are Normal bike, Assisted bicycle, and E-bike mode. The first one needs no explanation, while the second mode implies the help to your pedaling. The third mode is for when we are too tired to put an effort and thus activate full throttle.

10. Goplus 20

Finally, This deserves to be mentioned among the electric scooters. Due to its option and adjustable seat height, it’s also favored amongst the commuters.

The Frame

Similar to other e-bikes mentioned above, this is built out of light but steadfast alloy frame. The front fork, however, comprises a carbon frame for better endurance, with the added feature of shock absorbers. Subsequently, the model can withstand up to 350lbs. That means that practically two people could easy to ride it simultaneously.

The Motor and Battery Power

The model comes with a brushless 250-watt motor that can reach the speed of 22 mph. A removable 36V 8Ah lithium battery powers it. Still, what’s specific about this model is that it comes with a portable lithium battery charger that we can conveniently store in our backpack, for example.  The battery can run up to 22 miles range on a single charge, and it takes from 5 to 8 hours to fully charge it.

Two Modes

Like most other models of e-bikes, this one also has two modes to facilitate our ride. Thus, we can pick between the electric power mode and workforce mode, depending on our preference. The former allows us to glide effortlessly while the latter assists our pedaling. We prefer the combination of the two to achieve the best performance.

Buying Guide: Electric Bikes Under 1000? What Is It Exactly?

Modern electric bike steering switch close-up e-bike, electric bicycle

As mentioned above, an electric bike is a conventional bike with an added electric motor. Though this might lead us to mistake them for motorcycles, e-bikes are listed as bicycles, since they operate on pedals. The electric motor is there to provide additional power.

Types of Electric Bikes

They vary in many respects, i.e., the electric motor, the frame design, the 10ah lithium battery, etc. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes, weight limit, and build, depending on our needs and preference. It classifies electric mountain bike into three different classes.

Class 1

These are the most common e-bikes, often referred to as pedal assist or pedelecs. That is because the motor only provides additional power to the rider’s pedaling.

Class 2

Class 2 are e-bikes with a throttle that requires no pedaling from the rider. Thus they are quite similar to a scooter or a motorcycle.

Class 3

An improved version of a pedelec, class 3 e-bikes deliver more speed limit, because of which the rider is required to be licensed in some countries.

Types of Electric Motors

There are many versions of motors, depending on their location and their frame design. The most common are front and rear motors and also brushed and brushless motors.

Hub Motors

Just as the very name suggests, it places motors in the hub of either the front or the rear wheel. Therefore, there are front, mid, and rear drive motors, depending on their location. I find front motors extremely helpful for uphill rides since they provide greater pull. When going downhill, rear-drive motors restore power through the regenerative braking system.

Brushed and Brushless Motors

A hub motor can be further divided into brushed and motors, depending on their construction. However, the latter is generally preferred for e-bikes because we consider them more durable, sophisticated, and easily maintained.


When buying an e-bike, one thing to be mindful of is the battery. It is an indispensable part of an e-bike because it powers the bike; however, it can be heavy and cumbersome. The build quality of the battery directly affects the speed limit, the mileage, and overall performance of the e-bike.

Another thing worth mentioning is the battery’s charging time, which can last from 4 hours. A build quality battery can run up to 20 to 40 miles with little pedaling effort.

Folding E-bikes

For those of us with hardly any spare room in our apartments or garages, or with no garages, this might be worth paying attention to. The ability to fold the bike in half, so it takes up less space, is not only convenient but also priceless.

The Speed

What dictates the level of speed limit we can get from an e-bike is the electric motor and the battery life. The weight capacity of the e-bike affects its speed significantly, so the added components mustn’t weight capacity the bike down too much.

I’m sure that the greater speed adds the thrill to the ride. We remember that these are still bicycles, not motorized vehicles. The speed range of an e-bike with optimal performance is somewhere between 15 to 30 mph.

Electric Bikes Under 1000 – E-bike vs. Conventional Bikes vs. Motorized Scooters vs. Cars

electric bicycles

With the climate-change awareness at the forefront of the vehicle industry, electric mountain bike has witnessed a rise in popularity. In the main, that is because of their low impact on the environment, contrary to fuel-operating vehicles like scooters.

For those of us living in big cities, parking is a well-known fact. E-bikes are much easier to park than cars and scooters. Folding options E-bike is even easier to find a place than those above.

We don’t need a license to drive an e-bike. They have kept the pedaling system, so they are still classified as bicycles. Also, we might appreciate the extra exercise we can implement trough pedaling to work or the market, instead of driving force a car.

Given that they operate on rechargeable electric motors, the added value of cutting down on our bills is also something to consider.

There’s much to think about before buying an electric bike. The variations have much to do with our preference and what the bike is for. Because there are so many models for different purposes, here’s a list of 10 1000 best electric bikes for 2019, with detailed specs reviewed to facilitate our choice.

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Looking For The Best Electric Bikes Under 1000? Here are Some Q&A

What makes a great electric bike for commuting?

The electric motor that can either assist our pedaling or allow us to relax while on full throttle makes e-bikes great for commuting. Also, there’s the folding option, which makes them easy to carry with us, load capacity them on a bus or a tram and store them in car boots, closets, etc.

What to look for in the most extended range electric bike?

The range of an electric bike will depend on battery power. So if we’re looking for an electric bike to cover longer distances, we should consider the build quality and the life-span of the battery.

What to look for in a folding electric bike?

What we need to pay attention to in a folding bike is its weight. The folding system makes it easy to store; however, it needs to be light enough for us to carry it around. We should also see how steadfast the locking system is. We wouldn’t want the bike to fold in the middle of a drive, wouldn’t we?

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes operate on motors powered by batteries. The motors can assist in our pedaling by increasing our speed and relieving our effort. They can run on full throttle and allow us to rest our legs.

How fast do electric bikes go?

Depending on the quality of the battery that charges the motor, electric bikes can run from 10 mph to over 40mph.

Why are electric bikes so expensive?

Electric bikes are so expensive because of the added components that are pricey. Namely, the electric motor and the batteries add to the price of the bike.

Is it worth to invest in an electric bicycle?

Yes, it’s worth investing in an electric bike because not only will it benefit our health through exercise, but it will also help us save money. Even though the initial price of the e-bike is steep, it will pay off in the long run since we won’t have to spend money on fuel. It doesn’t emit toxic fumes.

Is an electric bike economic?

As already mentioned above, an electric bike needs no fuel. As a result, we’ll save money on fuel bills.

Is an electric bike practical?

Yes, an electric bike is practical since it offers an easy commute, without the hassle of looking for a parking space. If it’s foldable, we can easily carry it and store it where appropriate.

Is 12 volt DC motor enough for an electric bike?

No, it’s not. Most motors on e-bikes are charged with at least 36v batteries.

Is it required to register an e-bike in RTO?

No, it’s not. Because of the kept pedaling and low speed they can achieve, we still list electric bikes are still as bicycles. In effect, we do not need a license to drive them.

And the Winner For The Best Electric Bike Is?

Young Caucasian professional rider performing mountain biking stunts on two-wheeled motor-powered bicycle on trail along cliff using pedal-assist system. Male biker cycling outdoors on electric bikeAll 10 electric bikes on this list seem impressive enough. Their many features regarding the structure, design, and power provide more significant pedal assist and throttle. However, there’s one that ticks all the boxes and takes the lead.

Considering all the things mentioned above, Ancheer AN-EB003, otherwise known as Ancheer folding bike electric mountain bike, tops them all. What made the difference for me was that this model seems to go one step further in all aspects.

Namely, the combination of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame and carbon frame provides the sturdiness of the construction without weighing it down. That doesn’t affect the speed of the bike. With this model, it reinforces the strength of the bike with double aluminum rims on the wheel size. The front suspension fork mechanism provides double shock absorption resulting in a smoother ride.

The electric motor is not only environmentally friendly but also multifunctional because of its 3 modes. This makes it one of the electric scooters under 1000 dollars for commuters, passionate riders, and nature lovers, and for those who wish to work on their health.

Other Recommended Electric Bikes:

In a nutshell, it works for everyone on any terrain, for commuting, racing or long-distance traveling, regardless of the weather.