Are Mountain Bikes Fast? (Explained!)

Mountain bikes are becoming more popular and more important than ever before. They have taken the place of the buses to become their primary mode of transportation in the cities, although mountain bikes are specifically designed for offroad use they still do just as good and the, and they are now a sought-after commodity.

Outside of biking, they have many other applications in our society from recreation to racing. But what is it that makes mountain bikes so great? It’s their speed and agility that makes them so versatile and fun for anybody who enjoys being outdoors. In this article, we will ask the question, “Are mountain bikes fast?”.

Are mountain bikes fast?

Although it is a fact that road bikes are faster than mountain bikes, in fact, it is estimated that road bikes are 10-30% faster than mountain bikes, but that doesn’t mean mount bikes are slow, on the contrary, these bikes are highly agile, fast, and very responsive to their rider’s command.

The average mount bike speed 8mph when going uphill and 12 mph when doing downhill and the overall speed on a flat surface is peak speed is 17 mph, which is considered average when going off-road and on the road.

Can a Mountain Bike go as fast as a road bike?

The average speed of a road bike is greater than that of a mountain bike, and the two are quite different. Although many people are interested in getting into off-road biking, the overall question here should be “Can mountain bikes go as fast as a road bikes?”

To answer this question, we must first know what makes road bikes faster than mountain bikes. If you have ever ridden on either of these types of bikes, you will quickly find that the weight is by far the biggest difference between them.

Mountain bikes tend to be heavier for the same reason: their aluminum frames are stiffer. Although this makes them more durable and safer, it also makes them heavier than road bikes. Although there are very few mountain bikes that can achieve the speeds of road bikes, they still provide great performance at a moderate price.

The rolling resistance is also greater on mountain bikes, which makes them a little slower than road bikes. The other main reason for the slower speed of these bikes is the gears. Mountain bike chains are designed for durability and agility, not speed.

But because mountain bikes can achieve speeds as good as road bikes and even faster on some occasions, it is plain to see that there are many reasons for choosing a mountain bike over a road bike. Tires size plays a huge role in the speed of a bike.

Traditional mountain bikes have 26-inch tires, and this is their downfall when it comes to speed. For the same reason, road bikes are faster, they are lighter and have smaller, more aerodynamic frames, mountain bikes have larger frames. Mountain bikes have 26-29 inch tires in order to provide comfort and traction in any terrain.

How to make a Mount Bike Faster on the Road

The same way that you can make a road bike faster is the same way you can make a mountain bike faster. First, get your bike fitted professionally, get your seat and handlebars adjusted. Also, changing your gear ratio is another way of making a bike easier or harder to ride.

You can change the length of the cranks and change their angle as well. Change tires to lighter, smaller wheels. Changing your gear ratio is also a good way to make your bike faster.

For more fluid performance, try increasing the amount of air in your tires. Finally, pay attention to how you’re riding, because even with a lighter bike and better gear ratio, if you’re riding it like a tank then you’ll never be able to get faster.


As you can see from this article, the question of whether or not a mountain bike is fast is subjective. A lot depends on how fast your average rider wants to go, as well as how much he or she would like to spend on a bike. For example, you can get a great mountain bike for under $700 This will give you a good frame and fork with all the components that you need in order to start riding right away.