How to Pick the Best Bike Helmet

It has been the habit of many people just to ignore some things that might save their lives. For example, there are many bike riders out there that are not aware of the benefits of wearing helmets. They think that doing so is just a waste of time and it will not make the rider cool. But these thoughts are wrong. When accidents occur, that’s the time when these things come in handy. They can prevent serious injuries into your head. They can act as a shock absorber, and they can ultimately save your lives.

What is the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bike?

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The principle is the same when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Helmets are accessories that are used to protect sensitive parts of the head such as eyes, face and the head itself. In vehicles, the protection is extended to the whole of the face. But in bicycles, helmets tend to just protect the chairman of the rider. So why should you wear a helmet?

  1. It serves as proper protective gear. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. When that time comes, it always pays to have a protective gear especially in parts of your body such as the head. Bike riding is increasingly becoming addictive today and is becoming a perfect hobby. But as a rider, you should secure your safety above enjoyment. One of the ways that you can do that is to have the proper protective helmet especially if you are traveling on a very challenging road such as high ones. In fact, even if you are riding on a real path, you should wear one.
  2. It also helps you to move at a better speed. If you love traveling at fast speeds, you’ll hate the idea of being bothered by your hair or by that feeling that your head is being blown back by the strong wind. Wearing a helmet can change that. When you have a bike helmet, your hair is secured inside it and thus is prevented from bothering you while you are busy stepping on that pedal. Some studies also show that it can contribute to better ergonomics, thus helping you to run better with your bike.
  3. It can also serve as the carrier of light. There are instances when improvisation is done with the use of helmets. Lights are attached to them so that there will be no need for them to be attached to the body of the bike, and the rider will be saved from the task of holding them. This is actually like hitting two birds with one stone – you will be safe, and at the same time, you’ll have an alternative light holder.

As you can see, bike helmets are indeed important and have lots of benefits. You just have to understand them to convince yourself to have one if you still don’t have any. After all, when you crash while riding your bicycle, you would want your helmet to take the brunt of the fall rather than your head, right? It is something that you should consider.

What are to be considered before buying a bike helmet?

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There are many things that you should consider before the purchase of a helmet. It is not like a food commodity that you can readily buy and just pick anything that you want. You should think of some things before deciding to settle for one. The following should not be ignored when planning to buy a helmet for your bike riding.

  1. Always take into consideration the standards the helmet meets. Have you ever noticed that small sticker inside the helmet? You probably thought that it’s just a nuisance and that it should not be present on the product. But that’s where you are wrong. Those letters and numbers that are imprinted on the stickers represent the standards the helmet meets. For example, in the US, most of the products have to comply with the US consumer product safety commission standard. Therefore, if you are a resident of the country and decide to buy one, make sure you look for CPSC sticker. Another same level is the F1447 of ASTM.

Why should you look for these stickers? That’s because they would mean that these products have been properly inspected and you won’t have problems regarding their quality and their ability to provide safety as well as comfort. Buying one without this would mean risking having a substandard product. That’s, however, at your peril.

  1. Always make sure you are comfortable with the helmet that you choose. When you are riding your bicycle, you should avoid being distracted. If you don’t, you might end up being involved in an accident. Having a helmet that does not provide you a hundred percent comfort will not help this cause. You need to make sure that when you buy a helmet, you should try it out first. Try to feel if it makes you feel uneasy. If it does, that means you might be choosing the wrong one. Remember that these sorts of things can spell out the difference between life and death and therefore, they need to be perfect.
  1. Select those that are not pricey but won’t compromise quality. You need to spend money for this kind of thing. But buying a helmet does not mean, you should spend a lot of money for it. There are many helmets on the market today that is a bit cheap but have high standards and quality. Go for those products. Do not settle for cheap ones who have compromised quality because they might fail to save your head when you crash and hit your head on the road. The key to making this happen is to have patience when shopping. Make it a habit of comparing prices and features. Do not readily select the first one you touch or set your eyes on. Look for others and compare.

What are the things you need to remember when wearing bike helmet

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So you got the job done! You have bought a helmet that can provide you both safety and comfort. The next challenge for you is to make sure that you wear it the proper way. While this might surprise a lot of you, there are things; you need to consider when wearing a bike helmet. Do not make it a habit just to grab it and put it on and speed off with your bike. What’s safe with a helmet if you are not going to use it correctly right? It will be a gigantic waste of money.

You need to remember first that it is meant for your safety and not a mere decoration to your head while you are riding your bike. It is there to ensure that your head does not get injured when you meet an accident.

After putting on your helmet, you should stand in front of a mirror and check it. Make sure that the helmet is on the level of your head. Take a good look and ensure that it is covering most of your forehead. Move it and arrange it in such a way that it is level. Always see to it that it does not tilt backward or be at an awkward angle.

The chin strap should be under your chin, hence its name, right? Just make sure that it is tightened and not loose. It helps the helmet serve more of protection than just a mere accessory. If you want to check if it is tight enough, you can try to measure it by trying to insert one of your fingers on the space between your chin and the strap. If space is more than the size of your finger, you are doing it wrong. Make sure that the finger just fits enough to space.

There are also straps on your helmet. Make sure that you adjust them correctly. Make it to the point that when you turn your head; the helmet remains in its place. If it moves with your head, you are wearing it the wrong way. If you continue this habit, you might end up being distracted on the road. Instead of protecting you, that appropriate safety gear might be the cause for you to meet an accident. Would you not want that to happen right?

Finally, always remember that aside from safety, you also need to consider your comfort as the one wearing the gear. Do not make it so tight that it bothers you because that won’t help you. Just try to balance comfort and safety. You don’t have to compromise either one just to ensure the other.

It’s great to have a bike helmet, especially if you love riding a bicycle on a very challenging course. It serves as a protection to your head, and it can also show that you are indeed a real bike rider. So before going all out on your biking, make sure to grab yourself one.