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of Cycling

From the streets to the peaks, The X Fire is your home for all things cycling.

Young woman with backpack and bicycle walking on countryside terrain

Product Reviews

There are many different types of bikes today from new electric options, to street bikes, and mountain bikes. We go over the best options in each category.

Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to fix your bike on the fly is always a good idea to ensure you’re always ready to go. We cover the most important things to know and some extra bits of info as well.

how to put bike chain back on derailleur
Hands on bicycle's handlebars


From lights to handlebars, there are a lot of different parts and accessories that are necessary to make your ride safe and fun.

We are Cycling Fanatics

The one thing that binds us here on The X Fire is we are all Cyclists Nerds. We spend hours a day talking about different kinds of Bikes, Gears, innovative shoes, and a lot more interesting discussions.