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International Hardware Show 2015

Dear All,
We are cordially inviting you to National Hardware Show 2015. Our innovative product of 'Bikelane' has changed the night rider much safer for all cyclists. Then in 2015, we have newly launched USB version.  And more products of XFIRE will be coming out which you never have seen before. National Hardware Show 2015 will be held from May 5 ~ 7th at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. 
Our booth number is 31175 and we hope to see all of you there.  Please come join XFIRE 


Xfire Delivery 07.26.14
Our product of ‘Bikelane’ has posted and introduced as Traffic Eco-Friendly lights on Inhabitat(Design will save the world, http://www.inhabitat.com)   The product is currently on back order due to many orders received.   Please be patient for delay of the shipment.

the xfire team


Product Details

• Cut-off Line
  - Other lights have intrusive and intense high beams that adversely affect oncoming drivers or riders.
  - Optical design of a projection lamp eliminates excessive beam lift, directing the majority of the LED light toward the ground and maximizing light output.
• High-quality light pattern
  - Other lights exhibit limited flood that creates dark areas, while the Helios light creates an even and wider flood.
  - The Helios light uses and aspheric lens that creates a much wider light angle compared to other lights using traditional reflectors, delivering a greater sight range to the user.
• Reflector Characteristics
  - AL deposition that increases reflectivity by 90% 
  - Cut-off line that minimizes light loss
  - Bulk of beam output is directed toward the ground
• Lens Characteristics
  - Transparent material that maximizes light transmissivity
  - Special lens design maximizes light-level but directs output downward.
  - Asheric lens design eliminates beam dispersion above eye-level, reducing discomfort for oncoming drivers
• Equipped SSC P7 LED
• 900 Lumens
• 2.8V~4.2V 4x18650 lithium ion battery
• Run time : 2.5 hrs in high 
• Waterproof
• 4 hrs charging time
• 92 grams total weight
• 47mm x 41mm x 84mm
• Made in Korea

Old Price: $250.00

Price: $190.00

You save: $60.00! (24.00%)

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